Ancient Perfume

What Was The First Perfume?

We do not know for fact what the first perfume was, but we do know that the world’s first recorded chemist, who was also a perfume maker, is a woman named Tapputi. She lived in Babylonian Mesopotamian around 1200 BCE. It is said that she developed and recorded methods for scent extraction techniques, laying the foundation for today’s perfume making. The first actual ‘Factory’ dedicated to the production of perfumed oils dates back 4000 years on the island of cyprus. The egyptians were the first to make perfume truly a part of their culture 3000 years ago, inventing stone and glass vessels to hold their precious scented oils and balms.

People making perfumes

What Does The Word Perfume Actually Mean?

The word Perfume comes from the Latin word ‘Per Fumum’ which literally translates as ‘Through Smoke’ and the Romans and Arabs refined the art of making and wearing perfume 2500 years ago. Emperor Nero would hold lavish feasts with rose and jasmine oil pouring through the fountains and being wafted into the air. The arabian practice of Bakhoor which burns incense and precious wood in order to perfume clothing and the environment is still prominent today.

How to wear perfume

How To Apply Perfume?

Perfume is activated by body heat therefore you should apply perfume on your skin at the main pulse points, the inside of your wrist, on the neck, behind the ear, elbows and behind your knees. Do not rub your wrists together as this will alter the molecules of the perfume and will result in the fragrance smelling different. You can also put perfume into your hair as it will last longer and will diffuse the scent as it is constantly in motion. Please refrain from spraying perfume directly on your hair as the contained alcohol can dry it out. Spray the perfume on your brush before brushing your hair.

Perfume Notes

Is Perfume A Mood Booster?

Perfume is definitely a feel-good stimulant that can relax you, improve the mood, make you feel sexy and act as a confidence booster. Perfume is also known to evoke certain associations. Having a scent memory can be quite special as it helps to remember things you want to remember.

A cup with expiry dates

Does Perfume Have An Expiry Date?

The composition of a perfume might change over time. Therefore it is recommended to use your perfume within 3 – 5 years. Once the bottle is opened and came into contact with air (by opening the bottle or spraying the atomizer) it should be used within the first three years. The older the fragrance gets the more different it can smell, Eau De Toilette for example might only smell of alcohol after a few years. The higher the perfume concentration, the higher the chance that it will last longer – in the bottle and as well as on your skin. Commonly, perfumes with heavier (oriental) base notes last the longest.

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