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“The ultimate goal of Scentiche is to ensure that every perfume we create reflects the wearer as an individual. Each spray of Scentiche will represent our commitment to ensuring only the most exquisite and rare materials from across the globe are bottled with artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological innovation so that every product under the Scentiche brand is of the utmost quality and distinction.“


The first step is to define the mind of smell and its creative interpretation. We submit proposals for formulas developed and created in collaboration with our dedicated internal team and perfumers.

Once approved, we will manufacture the scent: production, maceration, glazing and filtration.

Unique and Bespoke Design

We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you and your needs for your perfume line. Our private label services are designed to capture each client’s unique image and style. In addition, they provide them the opportunity to use their brand identity on a luxury perfume line that generates substantial revenue and customer loyalty.

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Who we are

SCENTICHE PERFUMES is an online fragrance store that allows you to design, customize and create your perfume. Designing the perfect perfume and getting your ideal scent is a challenge, but with our team of experts, a personalized fragrance is within your reach.

After many years of collecting perfume samples, Scentiche was launched as a customization portal to cater to the worldwide demand for personalized perfumes. Read more...

We at SCENTICHE PERFUMES take pride in being a perceptive personalization platform. We help you in creating personalized perfumes/brands with a perfume of your choice, by designing your dream fragrance and customizing the cap, bottle, label, and boxes for you.

You can switch up variables like type of perfume oil, strength, top note, middle notes and base notes (e.g., floral or citrus), and more to get just the right aroma for you. We make it easy for you by letting you create a scent that fits your personality. From contemporary to sweet, sensual, or even spicy scents. There is something for everyone! No matter what style of fragrance you choose, SCENTICHE PERFUMES has got you covered.

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Tradition 50%
Innovation 50%
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What's unique about us

SCENTICHE PERFUMES was formed because we understand the need to have the perfect perfume with an ideal scent, and we believe in making this process easier for you.

SCENTICHE PERFUMES gives you your dream fragrance in three simple steps:

  1. Design your fragrance by choosing a bottle, cap, and box color from our wide selection available.
  2. Envision your ideal scent fragrance by entering any three words that describe what you want your scent to be like.
  3. Personalize your fragrance by telling us about yourself so that we can create a scent based on what you enjoy in life.

If you've always wished for the ability to have a perfume that was made just for you, or if you're looking for a gift for a loved one who is hard to buy, SCENTICHE PERFUMES has got you covered!

Our Mission

SCENTICHE PERFUME'S mission is to help you create the signature scent that you take pride in wearing and sharing with loved ones.

We believe every individual’s sense of style is unique, so why shouldn’t your fragrance be as well?

We provide a variety of fragrances inspired by the world's best perfume houses. Each one is crafted with dedication and care, so you can find the perfect balance to support your style. Every perfume has its own characteristics and benefits. Some might intensify social confidence, improve physical endurance, or stimulate creativity.

For those times when inspiration eludes you and you may not be sure of what you’re looking for… we have created exclusive design packages that include creative themes, personalized packaging, and more for your individualized needs.

We started SCENTICHE PERFUMES because the world of perfume is simply too overwhelming for most people. Not only are there hundreds of perfumes to choose from, but there are countless brands, colors, sizes, and twists on traditional scents. We thought it was time that someone took control of this confusing market and offered consumers an easy way to create their own personalized perfume.

Our Vision

We also want to make it easier for people to find their signature scent and – that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

Our full-service platform works hard to ensure that your shopping experience is pleasant and satisfactory and we also take pride in offering superior customer service.

We cater to everyone that wishes to personalize their unique perfume: individuals, designers, celebrities, corporations, bloggers, and retailers. We do not discriminate as SCENTICHE PERFUMES was mainly founded to fulfill the desire of any fragrance lover.

Please feel free to contact us via fulfilling our CONTACT FORM by emailing us at SALES@SCENTICHE.COM for inquiries or feedback. Our staff is always on standby to support your needs and fulfill your Scentishes!

Work with us

Should there be any inquiries or concerns that we are able to address for you, let us provide the necessary assistance wherever possible?

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