Your Exclusive Perfume Partnership with Scentiche.

"Welcome to Scentiche's B2B Perfume Manufacturing Consultancy. We specialize in turning your fragrance ideas into reality and connecting your brand with a range of high-quality, international compliant, and sustainable perfume products. Whether you want to customize existing products or create a brand from scratch, we have the expertise to make it happen."

Are you interested in launching an exclusive fragrance?

It is our goal to ensure that your ideas are brought to life and that your future customers are connected to your brand through SCENTICHE PERFUMES. Among the highest quality products in the world, our products are international compliant, subject to lab testing, and manufactured sustainably. Regardless of how you want your brand represented, we will make sure that it is done right!

You can customize the parts of your product and add your name to it.

In the case of private-label products, parts are already manufactured. Contract manufacturing tends to have a lower minimum order quantity (MOQ). SCENTICHE PERFUMES also reduces your startup costs by not having to invest in “research and development”, as all the products have already been developed and tested. Using our tested products and existing product library, you can create the most suitable combination and collection for your brand’s creation affordably, quickly & efficiently. By buying your perfume from us (created by your own parts selection) at wholesale prices, you can gain high-profit margins by charging a premium price to your customers for your new perfume/brand.

Developing formulas and packaging on a contract basis.

Conversely, contract manufacturing gives you more flexibility. With the help of our manufacturing team and laboratory technicians, you will be able to design your own scent formula's, bottle's, and packaging for your products. Therefore, you will be able to be unique, new & exciting in the marketplace, as your product will be specially tailored for you.

Rebranding our products for small businesses.

For spa and salon owners, freelance makeup artists, and beauty entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their products to include fragrances in their product line-up, Private Label may be the most appropriate solution. If you would like to deliver your perfume creations to your target market at a reasonable price, we can help you create that using our existing product library. Rebranding a popular fragrance and tailoring it to your needs is a popular option!

Weddings & Corporate events.

Contract Manufacturing can help big companies launch their own brand's, during an event occasion. Additionally, during personal events as such as weddings, customers who needs a unique product (for instance a door gift for your wedding), that their loved ones can cherish for a long time, can benefit from us as well. As a long-lasting good remembrance gift, personalized perfumes serve as a timeless reminder of your special event or occasion.

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