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SCENTICHE PERFUMES is a world class perfumery house. We are a full service, turnkey private label perfume manufacturing company, serving the worldwide demand of personalized perfumes.

SCENTICHE PERFUMES is based in Dubai, UAE. Our operations are done via E-commerce and we deliver worldwide via FedEx.

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A personalized perfume says a lot about who wears it: how to choose the best mix for you? Choosing a personalized perfume is like wearing a tailored suit. A tailor made dress must enhance our figure, expressing our personality and making us feel good. Similarly, if you are looking for a custom perfume, you need to find the olfactory mix that tells your own identity in a unique way. But where to start? Let Tailor Made Fragrance help you and discover how to choose your personalized perfume! If you are creating a personalized perfume you must always start from the choice of those raw materials that attract you, evoke positive memories and perfectly suits you. But finding our favorite scents is not enough: you must also know how to combine them. The most famous noses know this well and dedicate their profession to study both single ingredients and their interactions. Tailor Made Fragrance: a guide to choose your personalized perfume So, here are our tips to start creating your tailor made perfume right now. Let’s first choose the kind of personalized perfume you want to produce: for him, for her or home fragrance? If you are looking for masculine or feminine fragrances, you can discover our best solutions in 50 or 100 ml bottles complete with design accessories and matching boxes. If you want to create your own line of customized home fragrances, you can opt for intense and enveloping scents in elegant perfume diffusers from 50 to 200 ml. Once decided the type of personalized perfume that you want, you can start with the real customization. At this point ingredients, notes and character of the fragrance are carefully chosen to perfectly suit the person who wears it. Tailor Made Fragrance solutions for personalized perfume Some examples? One of the most fresh and delicate perfumes of Tailor Made Fragrance is The Blossom, designed for a woman who loves to seduce with grace and discretion. This effect is obtained thanks to floral top notes of rose and peach, a heart of musk and amber and the final persistence of sandal and patchouli. The perfect perfume for a man who wants to enhance his elegance and virility is The Hero. This intense and sensual mix combines the initial freshness of mint and lemon with oriental heart notes of geranium and tonka bean, ending with base notes of vanilla, vetiver and cedar. Personalized perfume: from the choice of your favourite scents to personalized packaging These are just two of the countless solutions designed by Tailor Made Fragrance to suit your personality and describe it in the best way. Discover the best olfactory mix to distinguish yourself and express your identity in an unmistakable way with a personalized perfume. But that is not all! Tailor Made Fragrance has thought of everything and offers you the chance to customize your perfume with personalized bottles, boxes and labels. Which kind of bottle expresses the idea behind your perfume? The decisive and geometric lines of the 50 or 100 ml Cilindro bottle or the dynamic and ironic shapes of the Mezzopiano model? The choice is up to you, as well as for the bottle’s personalization with accessories, boxes and labels carefully selected to fit even the most eccentric personalities. This will certainly be an original idea for your Christmas gifts! What are you waiting for? Continue to follow Tailor Made Fragrance and give free rein to your imagination creating your personalized perfume starting from 24 pieces. Customized Perfumes for a Little Eau de You By Charles Passy Feb. 4, 2010 12:01 am ET PRINT TEXT These days, it seems even struggling celebrities have enough star power to rate their own fragrance line. So what about the star in your own life? Boutiques and online retailers are increasingly blending chemistry and salesmanship and offering customers the opportunity to make a personal fragrance for anywhere from $20 to $20,000. From left to right, scents from Esens, the Perfumer's Apprentice, ScentCrafters, Scent Design and Fragrance Shop New York. JON PROTAS FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Thinking that a signature scent might make a more impressive Valentine's Day gift than the usual bouquet or box of chocolates, we decided it was time to put custom perfume to the test. So we sought out online and bricks-and-mortar companies that specialize in fragrance blending, limiting ourselves to ones that charge $100 or less and that could process our order within a week. Scent Design, a Massachusetts company, bills itself as "the first fully functional online custom fragrance blending store." For $20, the company crafts a one-ounce bottle of fragrance oil (not as diluted as a spray-on perfume) that combines up to five scents of your choice. From a selection of 50 fragrances, pick four that can be combined in whatever ratios you indicate; the fifth falls into the "just a touch of" category. Or, if you wish, simply pick one oil and make that your signature fragrance. While we went with a blend of cucumber and gardenia and a touch of jasmine, the scent was far fruitier than we anticipated. Moreover, the color was an unattractive amber (almost reminiscent of a glass of ale) and the bottle was of the pure utilitarian variety (almost like a squat test tube). In other words, for $20 this was a fine chemistry experiment, but not much of a Valentine's Day gift. Then again, you can always try making another scent—the company has a generous return policy and also provides dozens of fragrance "recipes" from past customers if you're looking for ideas. Scent Crafters, based in Michigan, offers a similar online service. Pick from your favorite fragrances and blend as you please—up to five scents can go into a 3.4-ounce bottle for $39.99. The main difference is that as soon as you choose your primary scent, the site will suggest a few others to accompany it in a blend—say, jasmine with cucumber, apple blossom and rose (our pick). But you can still opt for the blend-it-yourself method. We appreciated that Scent Crafters provides a real perfume bottle and gives you the chance to name your scent—we called ours "Day at the Spa." It came in the more diluted spray form, which makes it easier to apply (at least in our book). Still, the bottle was bulky and the label cheap-looking. And the fragrance itself had the strong, off-putting odor of drugstore perfume. We also tested two boutique-style operations. At Esens, an Arizona-based company headed by Kathleen Dreier, the process involved answering an online questionnaire and even sending a picture of the fragrance recipient. (To her credit, Ms. Dreier also inquires if the recipient has any allergies.) For $100, Ms. Dreier delivered a small (less than a half-ounce) glass bottle of fragrance "essence" (again, a fairly concentrated oil). The packaging had a certain New Age-y quality—the fragrance was accompanied by a hand-written gift card with a photo of a flame. Ms. Dreier even came up with a name for our scent—"Lakshmi"—after "the Hindu goddess of prosperity, purity and generosity," she explained. We liked that the fragrance itself combined scents both familiar (again, jasmine and gardenia) and unfamiliar (oak moss) to us. The result was an exotic scent with something of a mystical quality—maybe not the recipient's exact personal style, but somewhat appealing all the same. We went in person to our other boutique-style perfume purveyor, the Fragrance Shop New York in the city's East Village neighborhood. The experience was a little more intimate, if not intense (the store smells of so many fragrances, our nose started itching). A clerk spent 30 minutes with us, letting us sniff various fragrance oils until we narrowed down a few—jasmine, white tea, gardenia, Swiss rain oil—that we liked for our blend. The best part was that we could tweak the formula as we went along. But we wished the clerk had provided a few more suggestions. Instead, she simply said, "It's a personal preference." Pricing was relatively modest—$28 for a one-ounce spray bottle of the fragrance oil diluted with alcohol (we could have opted for a smaller tube-style container of just the fragrance oil for less money). Overall, the fragrance worked for us, even though we thought it lacked the wide array of scent notes in our favorite name-brand perfume. For a final option, we decided to play mad scientist and do the blending without assistance. So we bought a $30 beginner's "perfumery set" from the Perfumer's Apprentice, a lab and online store based in Santa Cruz, Calif., that sells perfume-making supplies ranging from fragrance oils (Colombian coffee, anyone?) to decorative bottles. The kit came with all the tools—12 fragrance oils, testing strips, bottles (with roll-on applicator) and more—plus an instruction booklet. We were able to blend a fragrance oil we really liked—a slightly floral mix of rose, bergamot and "ozone marine." Our only complaint: The kit didn't come with labels. By the time we were done, we were ready to slap our name on the scent and play celebrity for all the world to see—and sniff Custom-made fragrances To have perfume crafted exclusively for you, using some of the world's finest flowers and oils, is the ultimate in luxury. After all, a custom-blend fragrance is the story of your life In the business of fashion, haute couture is about clothes—extravagant and beautifully made. But it can also be said about bespoke fragrance, the Holy Grail in the world of custom-made products. The perfume you dab on your pulse points is more than just a part of the grooming routine: It is an expression of style and personality. As with clothes, discerning customers are looking beyond mass-produced fragrances and turning to carefully blended scents. “Brought up on a diet of olfactory banality, the public is repudiating this commercialisation,” says Roja Dove, master perfumer from the UK. “For those who can afford a bespoke service, it is the ultimate in discovering a scent of true individuality.” Historically, bespoke perfumes have their roots in Europe; they were blended for royalty and wealthy patrons. Floris of London, which was established in 1730, is the oldest retailer of fragrance in England and is the ‘appointed perfumer’ to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Celebrated French contemporary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian’s client list, too, includes heads of state. The process of creating a distinct fragrance can take anywhere from three months to almost a year depending on how fast a master perfumer—or ‘nose’ as they are affectionately called in the business—can understand a customer’s needs and demands. The challenge lies in translating a client’s ephemeral olfactory memories to blends of flowers, spices and oils. Mandy Aftel, of Aftelier Perfumes in the US, remembers a client who wanted to gift her parents a pair of perfume bottles for their 50th wedding anniversary. “She picked out essences that reminded her of her parents. The resulting portraits allowed her to smell what they meant to her.” That is the mark of bespoke perfume. This olfactory exclusivity comes with a hefty price tag. Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in London, for instance, offers bespoke services that start at £25,000. At Maison Francis Kurkdjian in Paris, prices start at €15,000, depending on ingredients used. Some examples of super-expensive ingredients include agarwood or oud, a dark aromatic resin or sap secreted from aquilaria and gyrinops trees in South Asia; ambergris which is produced in the intestine of sperm whales; osmanthus, a rare flower called that blooms once a year in China and other parts of Asia. Forbes India offers a selection of some of the most prestigious bespoke perfume services in the world. Jean Patou, Paris In the 1920s, late French fashion designer Jean Patou was one of the biggest names in the world of haute couture. His legacy lives on in the brand that bears his name. The Parisian couturier not only influenced women’s fashion but also transformed the world of perfume with Joy, one of the most expensive fragrances created by perfumer Henri Alméras for the fashion house. Ten thousand jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses are required to create 30 ml of the fragrance, which today retails at $800. It was worn by the likes of Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy. From its home in Rue Saint-Florentin, Paris, the house of Jean Patou is once again blending bespoke perfumes with Thomas Fontaine as its in-house perfumer. The journey of creating the ultimate olfactory reflection of oneself starts with “hearing the client tell her own story, talk about her culture and tastes,” says Fontaine. For €50,000, clients receive a personalised Baccarat bottle and the fragrance becomes a part of Patou’s perfume archive that dates back nearly a century and can be reordered by future generations. Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Paris “A human adventure” is how French contemporary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian describes a custom-made fragrance. So far, his calling has proven to be an adventure of sorts: At the behest of clients, he has created scented fans, perfumed a swimming pool in Spain with a fresh citrus scent and even captured the ‘aura of dead lilies or the smell of horses’. He has created 40 celebrated perfumes for major fashion houses, including Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Narciso Rodriguez; created the scent for money in collaboration with contemporary artist Sophie Calle in 2003; and has helmed fragrance-focussed installations at Versailles. Six years ago, he opened his resident headquarters Maison Francis Kurkdjian in Place Vendome, Paris. In one of his more challenging projects, he blended “Benzoin (an organic compound) from Siam with the sweet softness of cinnamon from Indonesia, the amber depth of citrus from Spain with the strength of Vetiver (a kind of bunchgrass) from Java, the bittersweet note of Tonka (bean) from Brazil and the richness of patchouli from Borneo,” to create a single home scent for Monte Carlo Yachts’ new boat. The process of creating an individual perfume can take up to five months during which Kurkdjian presents his clients with 5 ml samples to wear “at home, in normal condition” because one doesn’t “choose a perfume just by liking the top notes”. Prices start at €15,000. Floris Getting a bespoke perfume created at Floris means joining the illustrious private perfume ledger started by founder Juan Famenias Floris in 1730. Its nearly 300-year-old customer ledger includes some of the most discerning patrons, such as Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe. Over the centuries, no request has been too bizarre for the noses at this prestigious family-run perfumer. “A gentleman wanted a fragrance that captured the smell of a motor racing track mid-race. Another lady, who was keen on watching tennis at Wimbledon, wanted a fragrance that captured the scent of a freshly opened can of tennis balls,” reveals Floris’s ‘nose’ Edward Bodenham, the ninth generation descendent of Juan Famenias. The company offers what it calls a ‘full perfume design’, where over a six-month period a client works with Bodenham and his team to bottle a truly unique scent. As a final thrill, clients get to name the fragrance. Prices start at £4,500. Guerlain has earned the title of ‘His Majesty’s Official Perfumer’ in France Guerlain, Paris Before Shalimar or Vol de Nuit—two classic early 20th century perfumes from the house of Guerlain—founder Pierre Francois-Pascal Guerlain created a bespoke citrus-floral scent in 1853 for French Emperor Napoleon III’s bride, Eugénie de Montijo. Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale, which is still sold and retails at €81 for a 100 ml bottle, earned Guerlain the title of ‘His Majesty’s Official Perfumer’ in France and commissions to create fragrances for Queen Victoria of England and Queen Isabella of Spain. At Guerlain’s opulent flagship store on Champs Elysees, Paris, the tradition continues. The process starts with a two-hour consultation with Sylvaine Delacourte, Guerlain’s director of fragrance evaluation and development to help “clients to relive their best olfactory memories”. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Swiss master perfumer, then meets with the client to refine the chosen scent. Much like couture, it would take many fittings over a year to get a one-of-a-kind fragrance that represents the essence of the wearer. The end result is presented in a 500 ml Baccarat crystal bottle, along with multiple travel-size 30 ml and 60 ml sprays. The price for a personalised scent is €44,000. Roja Dove uses only the finest raw ingredients to create perfumes Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, London One of the best noses of this century, Roja Dove uses only the finest raw ingredients to create memorable scents. ‘So, when I use rose, I only use Rose De Mai from Grasse. It takes between 306,000 and 308,000 roses, picked before the sun becomes strong in the morning, to produce one kilogram of oil that’s priced at £32,000,” he says. When he begins work on a custom scent, Dove “meets a client for a cup of tea” in his atelier situated within the Salon de Parfums on the sixth floor of Harrods in London. With its purple velvet drapes, gilded mirrors, antique lacquer furnishing, rich silk upholstery and crystal bottles by Baccarat and Lalique, the atelier is a feast for the senses. While Dove doesn’t disclose the identities of his clients, he does remember one who was “so enthralled by the bespoke scent that they held a party to debut it to friends and family”. The fruits of his labour, or rather his ‘nose’, come at a hefty tag of £25,000. By Kilian, New York City Perfumer Kilian Hennessy hails from a lineage of luxury (his family is the H in LVHM). He is the grandson of Richard Hennessey, who founded the famous French cognac empire. After working and training under some of the best perfumers in the business at Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne and Giorgio Armani, Hennessey started his eponymous brand in 2007. His creations combine old world elegance with avant-garde blends. He may have moved away from the family business, but his perfumes continue to have cognac influences with vanilla and woody notes. The Frenchman works his magic from his boutique in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. It can take anything from “a day to a year” to perfect a scent. “It all depends on the client,” says Hennessy. Prices are available only on request. Once it’s done, it’s presented in art deco bottles that rest on plump beds of black satin inside carved, lacquered boxes that have their own tasseled key. California-based perfumer Mandy Aftel has made a niche in the scent world with blends crafted from natural ingredients Aftelier Perfumes, Berkeley, California Berkeley-based perfumer Mandy Aftel has made a niche in the scent world with blends crafted from natural ingredients. Unlike other perfumers, Aftel doesn’t rely on questions about memories and lifestyle to create custom fragrances. “The client sits at my perfume organ that is grouped in three sections—top, middle and base notes,” she shares. Top notes include fragrances like lime, spearmint and tarragon that are “familiar to people from cooking and gardening”. The middle notes are made up of spices and flowers while the base notes are derived from roots, barks, trees and grasses. Aftel, who counts on the likes of Madonna, Liv Tyler and Leonard Cohen as fans, describes the process of creating a personalised perfume as a “portrait of yourself in scent”. A tailor-made perfume can punctuate time in someone’s life or cement a memory. That explains why Aftel has many repeat customers who come back for another scent “because something significant has changed in their life”. Her unique blends start at $2,000, and comes as two quarter ounces (about 7 ml) of solid and liquid perfume, along with a one ounce of parfum spray (nearly 30 ml). Perfume Customized to Your DNA: It's Your Smell, Deal With It My DNA Fragrance is a company that offers to make "biologically seductive couture fragrances" based on your very own genetic code. ("Self-Scented Not Self-Centered" is their catchy website slogan.) The cottage industry of DNA-customized consumer products has always entertained me. Not paternity tests or nutragenomics, but artwork and music, and now perfume and cologne. What’s […] My DNA Fragrance is a company that offers to make "biologically seductive couture fragrances" based on your very own genetic code. ("Self-Scented Not Self-Centered" is their catchy website slogan.) The cottage industry of DNA-customized consumer products has always entertained me. Not paternity tests or nutragenomics, but artwork and music, and now perfume and cologne. What's the cultural meaning of all these? In the case of visual art, there's something a bit reductionist and fetishistic about it. The mode of representation is so contextually disconnected from the actual function of DNA as to render the image meaningless except as a superficial pattern or texture -- though that, of course, could be the point. This is less the case with music, which isn't necessarily any more contextually grounded, but at least the medium is better-suited to the complexity of our genes. As for personalized fragrances, it's hard to say -- My DNA Fragrances doesn't actually explain the connection between the DNA sample you send and the resulting product. Is your DNA basically a random number generator used to select a few arbitrary aromatic compounds, or are the compounds picked because they're appropriate to your genetic makeup? A Customized Perfume that’s as Unique as You Are “My concept is based on personal vanity, the individualized society and the pursuit of self-realization among the population in the West. I wanted to make a perfume that was based on a person’s personal information. That would be things such as name, current residence, social security number, allergies, blood pressure, characteristics, interests, different choices or online-history from social media.” People love purchasing products that are unique and feel personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than Formel, a perfume concept from Elvira Jacobi. With a formula and packaging that is based off of your personal information, likes, and dislikes, no two perfumes are alike. “Swedish designer and entrepreneur Eric Ericson gave us an assignment to come up with a concept, design and packaging for a perfume with relevance to our time.” “All this information turns into a code, a recipe or a formel (formula). A scent that’s built like a classic perfume with base note, middle note and top note but based on you as a person. The packaging works just the same, digitally printed boxes with unique patterns for every perfume. If You're Curious About Custom Fragrance And how would you know where to start? You’re either: Walking into a department store, bombarded by glass bottles on glass shelves, with nothing more to go on than the shape of the bottle and the fragrance ads that loom over the cash registers. Relying on brand loyalty. You’ll will often buy a scent because you like what the brand sells, or the idea that it’s selling. Or maybe you like the previous scent the brand put out and you’re going on faith that you’ll like their new offering. Buying a scent online. With more and more brands selling you scents without ever giving you the chance to smell them, this is truly a leap of faith. Instead of you choosing the scent, it often feels like the scent is chosen for you. I’ve always been surprised at the lack of customization options when it comes to mainstream fragrances. I understand that such a concept is easier mentioned than executed and that there are many factors at play, like cost of goods, location, and accessibility, to name a few. But hey, that’s not my job to figure out! It’s my job to smell the fragrances and tell you about them. I'm obsessed with scent and I'm obsessed with myself, why shouldn't I have a scent made especially for me? I’ve taken it upon myself to absolutely exhaust every custom fragrance situation that was available to me over the years, some with great results, some not. I should say from jump you can also customize and buy their scents online, but what’s cool about their brick and mortar is that they illustrate their process to you in a very easy to understand way. Let me see if I can break it down for you. They start you off with their core scents, 14 in all, which they rotate through seasonally. Nine of those were displayed in store during my visit. Visually, they break down everything you need to know about each core scent in a way that’s easy to understand whether you’re new to fragrance or an expert. The notes are listed out with a few visual references, as well as the person who created the scent, and a couple standout fragrances from their resume. The store is a masterpiece from a visual perspective. In short, they help you understand what you’re smelling before you even smell it. And it’s worth mentioning that the people who created these core scents are some of the most lauded perfumers in the industry right now. Honorine Blanc, the nose behind Yves saint Laurent’s Black Opium, Harry Fremont, of Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather, and oh yeah, Frank Voelkl, who did Le Labo’s Santal 33 and Glossier You. Next are the Accords, which they use to customize your scent. Typically accords are a few notes combined to make a new scent that can live on its own or be incorporated as a larger part of a fragrance. “Customization” is a matter of matching the right core scent to the right accord to make your perfect fragrance. There’s a dating analogy somewhere in there but I’ll spare you. This seemed a little “turnkey” to me, in other words, a little too ready-made, too easy, and maybe it was. But when I was immersed in the process, all my skepticism fell away and I was really down for the ride. They let me pick my two favorite core scents of their nine. The first one I chose was a fragrance I knew I’d love. Hunter, a warm, very “me” fragrance comprised of wood, ambrette (a sweet musk,) and raw vanilla. The second was a fragrance I thought I’d hate but found surprisingly attractive. Taylor, made up of French jasmine, Indian jasmine, and tuberose. It was light, airy, not nearly as floral as I thought, and dare I say almost sporty? Next came the customizing. They took me to their little fragrance bar situation where they blended each of my two chosen core scents with six accords each, for a total of 12 scents each on their own little testing paper. For each of the two core scents I chose, they already have six suggested accords to blend it with and a description of each, so you know where to start, what’s being mixed, and why the end result smells the way it does. It was interesting to see how each accord pulled the original scent in such different directions, how a blend of grapefruit and pepper could make a scent brighter, while a blend of wood and tobacco could add warmth and familiarity. It was fascinating to see a scent that I knew that I already liked, and watch it be transformed into six completely different versions of itself. Of the 12 blends in all that they made right in front of me, I picked the four blends I liked most, which they then applied directly to my skin so I could get a preview of how they’d smell when mixed with my body chemistry. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m a very indecisive person by nature, so taking four fragrance blends that I liked and narrowing them down to one that I loved was anxiety-inducing. There were three blends of Hunter and one blend of Taylor. Taylor was the first to go. I liked it, but it wasn't the one. The first Hunter blend I nixed was a very wood-forward one that I loved, but really reminded me of something else. It was too familiar, so it had to get the chop. Picking between the final two was a nightmare, but in the end I went with the one I found most interesting, the one that kept me there a little longer. My custom blend starts off with Hunter, which, for those following along, is made up of cedarwood, ambrette, vanilla, and a touch of bergamot. The accord we mixed it with had cardamom, tobacco, and even more vanilla. It’s warm, softly sweet, woody, and spicy. I love it. I was skeptical, but Olfactory NYC has pretty much made me a believer. Their product is very high quality, their scents are all unique, and while their process may not be the most customized from the ground up blend you’ll ever come across, to me, the whole process felt especially tailored to me. They got to know what sort of scents I did and didn’t like, took the time to help me find an accord that would really enhance everything I loved about the base scent while breathing some new life into it, and I walked out really feeling like my scent was customized to me. One of their core scents, which are lovely on their own, will run you $50, where a custom scent (and you have to get a custom scent) will run you $78. To me, this is competitive for a fragrance full stop, but a custom scent? It's a steal! Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. 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